McPhee, John

McPhee, John "SHREK"

Sheriff Of Bagdad

John McPhee, widely known as “The Sheriff of Baghdad” or “SHREK,” is a retired U.S. Army Special Operations Sergeant Major with over 20 years of distinguished service. Specializing in various special mission units, he accumulated extensive combat experience across multiple theaters. Since retiring in 2011, John has been a trailblazer in video diagnostics training, analyzing shooting techniques with unparalleled precision through a specialized app. A Master Instructor and Subject Matter Expert, John founded the S.O.B. brand to extend his expertise to civilians, law enforcement, and militaries worldwide. His training modules span a range of skills, from Special Activities to Advanced Marksmanship. With a focus on effi ciency—defi ned as speed, accuracy, and proper technique—John’s innovative video diagnostics off er a fast track to perfect practice. He believes in not just practice but perfect practice, debunking the myth that practice alone makes perfect. Over a decade of consulting in special activities has solidifi ed John as an industry leader. His mantra: “Effi ciency is speed and accuracy applied simultaneously with perfect technique.” With John’s unique approach, prepare to reach your peak performance.

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